Find your District 3 home

17 Aug

There have been quite a number of newly launched condos in Redhill, Singapore District 3 region. For example, there was Alex Residences, Echoleon, CommonWealth Tower.

Today we will talk about The Crest by acclaimed Developer Wing Tai. This condo like many in the the same district comes at a high premium due to the district’s ideal location: closed to the Orchard Road shopping strip but away from the busy human traffic associated with such bustling commercial activities.  What sets this condo apart from the other condos that are in the area then?

Firstly this condo is designed by the famous Ito Interior design team. They have designed The Crest to look and breath nature, the buildings themselves look like bamboo from far and the entire development from the building itself to the common area are lush with vegetations. Residents will see green everywhere they go, even from the comfort of their own home. For those that are fortunate enough to be able to afford a villa unit, they will be overlooking what looks like a river cum swimming pool. Such is the resolve of the developer to integrate the lives of the residents with nature. Residents will feel a sense of calmness everyday at work, away from the busy lifestyles of Singapore.

Location wise, The Crest cannot be anymore ideal than it is currently. Walking distance to the MRT station but not directly next to it like most of the condos in this district so it is undisturbed by the train noises. Residents with cars would be able to head directly to Orchard Road through Tanglin Road (5 minutes drive) or access the AYE through alexandra Road to reach the Marina Financial District Quickly. Work in the East or North? No problem, PIE VIA CTE or ECP VIA AYE/MCE will bring you quickly to the East side while CTE accessed by Zion Road/Alexandra Road will bring you quickly to the North side.

This is a condo that is valued for money considering the surrounding condos, especially when the developer is offering buyers ABSD reimbursement up to 7% (applicable to Singapore Citizens only).

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Find Your Choice Of Singapore Condo

02 Jul

Singapore real estate industry offers families and residents thinking to relocate, vast options for new homes and values. People who are interested in buying Singapore condo and homes will be able to select from the larger homes and the type of homes available within and around the city. Also, there are listings which would help the buyers to buy or resell condominium, single family, tradition and lively adult homes. Moreover, the investors of real estate could identify enormous opportunities in investment which promise a bright future. Thus, one could find a condo or home in Singapore to equip every want, lifestyle and need.

Buying your dream home or Singapore condo

People who are interested to buy a home in Singapore should first determine the property type they are in need of and by implementing this way, homebuyers would be beneficial to save lots of time for the research process. The second step to be taken by a possible homebuyer is to be pre-eligible for a home loan as this creates awareness on the amount needed for the home. After determining the type of house and price range, the next step is to look in to advertisements that announce great openings coming out for sale so that comparison of incentives, pricing, new home and territory locations can be made. Hence, the final step would be to make to visit to the homes which they are about to buy in order to obtain a feel for the home and neighborhood.

It can prove a profitable experience when purchasing Singapore condo or a home in Singapore. More importantly, research should be done on the home builders, local market and home locations by the home buyers before they are committed to buy a home. Also, it is crucial that a homebuyer is equipped, educated and can afford well enough to buy a new home. In case, the buyer doesn’t have enough money as balance, it would be better to wait for some more time when their time works better. Finally, a huge responsibility is the home mortgage and even though homeownership is profitable, it can be fiscally overwhelming.

Luxurious condos in Singapore could be spot in areas such as Keppel Bay, Orchard Road, Sentosa and more. You can plenty of condos in and around the Singapore city. Rich and extravagant investors who don’t mind about spending money but give primary attention to the amenities and services will choose the Singapore condo of their choice. If you have decided to buy Singapore condo, then you are assured to enjoy the following benefits. A few of them will include:

  • Swimming pool to relax and enjoy your leisure time
  • Security alert giving you ultimate protection all around the clock time
  • Ultra designed flooring and textures making the place more elegant and grabbing
  • Modern gym and fitness centre for keeping you fit and healthy
  • Modern gym equipments and the flexibility to use the fitness centre makes it ideal to use
  • Wonderful accessories, fittings and quality fixtures makes it vibrant and brilliant
  • Garden to relax and enjoy your evening with a cup of coffee and many more



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Singapore Real Estate – Get Your Condo Now

10 Apr

Singapore has been the best and sought after destination for many people. Many people travel to Singapore for various reasons such as business, education, job, living and many more. It is well known for its luxurious buildings and hence the reason Singapore properties have been in real demand. When exploring the area around, you can find exclusive Singapore condos within the city and also luxury estates with large properties, as well as smaller residential homes. No matter what you are looking for, you will surely find the right condos for you and as a bonus you can enjoy all the benefits this state has to offer.

Singapore – the perfect place to invest

Singapore new launch properties will give you the extensive option to plan your investments. You can plan for various investment deals such as investing in the farm houses, Singapore condos, single family homes and mansions. The vacation home at Singapore is also popular, since many people not only want to live here but also enjoy all the activities that this state offers. Singapore is a large state that has everything from the prairie to exotic ambiance covering picturesque areas around. People living here can engage themselves in various activities and of course the climatic condition remains very comfortable throughout the year. The cities around are interesting to visit, because they are known for their museums and cultural richness. The many national parks and sites are worth visiting and it is almost impossible to be bored. Since Singapore real estate prices are lower in most states, you don’t even have to be rich to own a vacation or second home here.

There are also many reasons to invest in Singapore properties. Excellent location, transportation facilities, schools, work place and many other traits make it an excellent deal to invest in the real estate market here. Since Singapore has many industries present within, it is possible to find a wide variety of jobs, such as farming or aerospace engineering opportunities. In fact Singapore has a very low unemployment rate so the residents do live a good and comfortable lifestyle. People with families can especially feel good by living in Singapore since it has some of the best public school district in the country and there are also low crime rates too. On top of that the people are known to be friendly and caring.

The Singapore real estate agents are helpful and they help you to find the best Singapore condo you dreamt for. They know their way around and can easily assist you to determine which would be the best place for you to live. They keep everything in mind such as features you expect, schooling facility, transportation, easy accessibility to get the living essentials and many more. The Singapore real estate market is booming and new homes are being built and many older homes being sold. It should be easy to find something in your price along with the features you are looking for. Condos in Singapore will help you to enjoy ultimate coziness and luxury while a few of them will include:

  • Singapore condos usually come with all the amenities within, whereby investors can enjoy the maximum comfort and luxury. Remember, the condos will be real big while they remain to be convenient.
  • Upon investing in the condos, you are assured to enjoy the modern kitchen area with the latest counter tops and other appliances installed.
  • The fittings will remain very classic and distinct, whereby its quality and durability will last longer for years.
  • Security constraints are set on par and you are assured to enjoy the best ambiance at amiable neighborhood.


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Leasing Singapore Condos And Its Advantages

02 May

If you are considering the facts about leasing Singapore condo, then you could never miss to enjoy the benefits. Of course, there are many benefits of leasing. The first advantage of leasing is the fact that it is considered as an alternative to traditional business loans. No down-payment is required for leasing. Applying for leasing is an easy job and leasing is structured such that it can meet the requirement of any individuals. Leasing terms are very flexible and can range from twelve to sixteen months depending on the type of equipment chosen. The delay in capital budget is almost neglected by allowing payments to be made with operating instead of capital funds. Furthermore, an individual can purchase leasing equipment when capital is available.

The benefits of leasing Singapore condo

The payments of leasing Singapore condo are fixed as well as easily predictable. This allows the person to predict what the impact of equipment expenses will be on the flow of cash. One advantage of the leasing is that it also conserves one’s working capital. Leasing also offers tax advantages and is considered as 100% tax-deductibles business. This is possible because of the fact that one has to pay the operating leases from pre-tax earnings instead of after-tax profits. Lastly, leasing also offers protection against the inflation as one can easily predict what will be happen the next day in the market.

Leasing is generally an official contract with the lease giver, whereby you the person agrees to pay-up for license, taxes, insurance and other more. Leasing terms are simple and flexible and considering the equipment type, the terms of leasing will differ and depend as per. Leasing payment will grant individuals to predict accurately and it foretell the force of expense with regards to the cash flow. Leasing generally requires a minimum cash flow to give a long-standing smoother run.

A secure and profitable investment

Investing in the Singapore condo will secure your future with multiple benefits assured. Remember, the value of the condo is quite huge when compared to the usual homes. When you have invested in the condominium, you are assured to make huge profits in the near future. The value of the condo will eventually become huge and sometimes the cost will even become double in the later years. Long-term investors who are not worried about investing huge money can choose the condos and hold them for longer days. Of course, it would bring you profitable yield in the near future.


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